CallDaddy Support Center

What is a Softphone?
A Softphone is basically a phone that lets you make calls over the internet from... more
How do I use a Softphone?
A Web Phone or Softphone is commonly used while at your desk. After downloading ... more
Do you Have a Free Trial?
Yes. You can set up a Free Trial, which includes a toll free number and 50 minut... more
What is Call Distribution?
Call Distribution is a setting that allows you to define how your calls will be ... more
What is difference between Auto Attendant & Direct Connect?
**An IVR is basically when technology, such as phone system, prompts a user for ... more
How to forward voicemail to a different user?
When logged into your “User Account” simply follow these steps. * Go to th... more
How do I check voicemail?
Every time you receive a new voicemail you will receive and email notification w... more
What is the “My Availability” button?
This button allows you to turn your unique “User” account to “On” or Off”. more
Where do I find my used or available minutes?
To see how many minutes you have left for the month simply look to the right of ... more
What type of reporting do you provide?
Our reporting section grows each month as we receive feedback from our users. As... more
Can I access my account on my mobile phone?
Yes. CallDaddy does not currently offer an iPhone or Android App. However, our... more
When will I be billed each month?
Each month the system will automatically bill your payment method on file for yo... more
How much is an additional toll free or local number?
Each plan comes with a certain amount of phone numbers. If you want to add a new... more
How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?
**To upgrade simply go to “Billing” and look towards the bottom of the screen fo... more
Caller ID – How does it work?
**Receiving a Call** When a caller calls into your toll free or local numbe... more
How do I manage greetings?
**There are several different areas where you will have the opportunity to custo... more